Easy Maintenance for your car’s long life!

  1. DIY– Wash and wax the car frequently.  Also check the fluids and change the oil, usually recommended every 3000 miles.  Just like us your car needs constant and loving maintenance J
  2. Help the car breathe-Changing the air filter allows your car’s engine to run cleaner and more efficiently. Also be aware of the battery.  If the car is slow to start, headlamps are dimming or interior lights flicker it might be time to change out the battery.  Stop and go drivers in heavy traffic need to check these items more regularly.
  3. Stay cool-Make sure your car is equipped with enough coolant to keep it cool. Check these hoses regularly.  In addition, cars need at least 3 minutes to warm up.
  4. Pressure check-make sure the tires are inflated to the correct levels and check the tread and wear. Rotate the tires every 3,000-6,000 miles. Tire problems are the number one leading cause of breakdowns.
  5. Avoid Exhaustion-The exhaust system should be checked annually along with other items in the vehicle’s annual checkup. This includes the muffler, catalytic converter and other parts of the exhaust system.
  6. Change Routinely-Routine checkup will also include all fluid levels, fuel filter, belts, hoses, PCV values and spark plugs.
  7. Drive Smart-The way we drive our car could cause the most wear and tear on our vehicle than anything else on the list. Stopping and accelerating quickly as well as overuse of the brakes are the worst habits for the longevity of our cars!

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