Safety tips for driving during a tornado!


tornado offers a lot of helpfulĀ tips on how to stay as safe as possible if you are in your car during a tornado.

One of the main rules: Don’t hide under the embankment of an overpass. While it may seem like a safe move, you’re actually increasing your risk of injury or worse, according to You’re more likely to be struck by debris, the wind is stronger than at ground level, and the wind will change direction as the vortex passes, according to a 1999 presentation from the National Weather Association.
Other things to remember: Get to shelter if you can, which is the preferable option.
But assuming you’re in the middle of nowhere in your car with no other options, The National Weather Service recommends one of the following two actions, depending on specific circumstances.
1. Stay in your car with the seat belt fastened. Slump down below the windows and cover yourself with a blanket. advises you to keep the car running so airbags will deploy if necessary.
2. If you think you can safely get lower than the roadway, “exit your car and lie in that area, covering your head with your hands,” according to NWS. Be sure to get far enough away from the car so debris, or the car if it gets tossed by wind, is less likely to hit you.
Your car is safer then a mobile home according to the Red Cross; so stay safe and follow the above tips!



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