Travelling to a baseball game this spring or summer? Here’s what you need to know!

vacation travel

vacation travel





Roads are busy, hotels are busier and forget getting a quick snack!  IF you are travelling to one of your children’s events or one for pleasure remember some of these simple rules:

  1.  Pack snacks
  2. Take something comfortable to sit on, lie on; think BEST chairs, blankets, pillows, etc.  And if it is going to be a long season; check out THESE CHAIRS!
  3. Fill up with gas BEFORE you get into town and to help you- check out the Gas Buddy App that will find the cheapest gas and get you there.
  4. Book the hotel the night/week before and call for a late check in.  Try and use a hotel booking site; unless you have to stay with the kids, so you get rewards and benefits.
  5. If it is going to be a group dinner-make a reservation.  If it is going to be with kids-make sure it is family friendly.
  6. Find out what else there is to do.  Easy enough if it is just adults, but you might want to plan ahead if you are going to have down time with the family, for family planning: check out this app!
  7. ADD TIME onto everything-otherwise you will miss that first pitch, kick off, etc.
  8. See if there is a public transport near your event-so you can park ahead at the hotel/campsite and not worry about the car, be aware of local transit, or download an app for public transit.
  9. Be prepared to have to walk to the event-extra money, extra time.  But if you are REALLY thinking ahead, you will download one of these apps which will tell you where to park!
  10. Have the time of your life, these days are special.

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