Winter Car Tip-check your fluid!!!


Winter Wiper Fluid

Winter Car Care Tips -Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid is something you can never have enough of during the winter, as it’s a crucial part of maintaining visibility during the slushiest, snowiest parts of the year. It’s important to understand that winter washer fluid (which usually contains antifreeze) is not formulated in the same way as summer fluid. Summer fluid contains a lower alcohol mixture, which means that in extreme cold weather it can actually freeze in your reservoir under the hood. This doesn’t just mean the fluid won’t answer the call of duty when you flick the switch inside the car, but it can also crack tubing and the reservoir itself, leading to nuisance repairs. Before the temperature drops, replace your windshield washer fluid with winter fluid, which is specifically formulated not to freeze during weather that would make a reindeer think twice about venturing outside.

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